HPTLHigh-Payoff Target List
HPTLHigh Performance Thin Layer (chromatography)
HPTLHallelujah, Praise the Lord (Christianity)
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The sensor operators use these requirements during the detect phase; conducting the information collecting and the passing of that specific information that pertains to the HPTL to the FAIO utilizing the processing, exploitation, and dissemination (PED) section.
Once all HPTL criteria was met for the FAIO validated and passed the dynamic target to the JAGIC for execution (deliver phase of targeting process).
The end product of targeting should be an updated TSM, reconnaissance and surveillance plan, HPTL, and FRAGO with appropriate task organization changes.
Our HPTL and HVTL tracker eventually held over 500 targets (I say again, five hundred targets at once).
This is also the time for the staff to determine the priority of the individual HPTs on the HPTL.
The brigade targeting officer, in coordination with the S2, develops a suggested HPTL for48-72 hours into the future.