HPTLHigh Power Testing Laboratory (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry; Japan)
HPTLHigh-Payoff Target List
HPTLHigh Performance Thin Layer (chromatography)
HPTLHallelujah, Praise the Lord (Christianity)
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The FAIO also assists the division artillery S2/targeting officer in the terrain analysis to template the location of the fire support/target acquisition targets on the HPTL. The FAIO works with the collection manager to develop the specific information requirements (SIRs) for the areas that will be a focus of collection and makes recommendations to the commander on the priorities for collection during the targeting working group as well as requesting and synchronizing the resources available to conduct target refinement.
Once all HPTL criteria was met for the FAIO validated and passed the dynamic target to the JAGIC for execution (deliver phase of targeting process).
The FAIO's fusion of multiple means of collection to develop targets through shared understanding of the HPTL and focus of Fires, along with the seamless handoff of targets to the JAGIC ensured success of Fires in the division fight.
The end product of targeting should be an updated TSM, reconnaissance and surveillance plan, HPTL, and FRAGO with appropriate task organization changes.
This proved extremely successful, testing our ability to dynamically re-task assets and force our operators to follow HPTL guidance.
The priority of effort was determined by this value (HPTL and HVTL), and the weekly order reflected these changes.
Our goal in this effort was to create a program that would assign TSS values to targets and sort them, in effect creating an automated HPTL and HVTL.
The targeting officer fills in the enlarged TSM as COA development progresses and keeps the S3 and XO focused on the HPTL.
This is also the time for the staff to determine the priority of the individual HPTs on the HPTL. For example, if there are two suspected mortars operating within the area of the brigade's objective, the staff will determine which of them represents the greater threat and make that a higher priority on the HPTL.