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HPVHuman Papillomavirus
HPVHuman Powered Vehicle
HPVHigh-Production Volume
HPVHigh Pressure Valve (equipment; various companies)
HPVHydrogen Peroxide Vapor
HPVHigh-Pitched Voice
HPVHypoxic Pulmonary Vasoconstriction
HPVHours Per Vehicle (automotive manufacturing)
HPVHigh Pressure Vent
HPVHigh Point Vent (pipeline)
HPVKauai Island, HI, USA - Princeville (Airport Code)
HPVHigh Priority Violation
HPVHigh-Performance Vehicle
HPVHigh Performance Visualisation
HPVHouse Panel Vote (US Congress)
HPVHigh-Priority Violator
HPVHolographic Particle Velocimetry
HPVHydrocarbon Pore Volume (petroleum industry)
HPVHauptpersonalvertretung (German)
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For their analysis, researchers developed a model that uses both HPV infection and past infection data, as well as mathematical representations of the underlying mechanisms of infection, recovery, and the generation of antibodies, to paint a better picture of HPV prevalence in the present and past.
The map of Slovenian municipalities that provide municipally funded HPV vaccination for boys is presented in Figure 1.
In other words, it is still not conclusive, whether HPV is the main etiological agent of oral cancer, or if it plays a supportive role in carcinogenesis, or if it should be even considered a commensal agent that may become pathogenic under certain conditions.
MYTH 4: All HPV infections can clear up on their its own.
Of the 22 cases in which HPV genome was detected, 11 were female (46% of total female cases) while 11 were male (38% of total male cases); no statistically significant difference was found between genders (P=0.58).
Tomljenovic and Shaw (10) indicated that presently governmental health agencies worldwide state that HPV vaccines are safe and effective and that the benefits of HPV vaccination outweigh the risks.
HPV transforms infected epithelial cells and causes defects in genes controlling apoptosis, cell-cycle and DNA repair, thereby promoting tumorigenesis7.
The intervention group (9,552) had cervical cancer screening with a high-risk HPV DNA test that detects types 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, and 68.
The goal of the campaign is to have 80 percent of 13-year-old boys and girls in the US fully vaccinated with HPV vaccine by 2026--20 years after introduction of the first HPV vaccine.
The genotypes and prevalence of HPVs were analyzed, and the difference in prevalence among inpatients with HPV carrier and cervical pre-cancer and cancer lesions were compared.