HPWIHand Print Workshop International
HPWIHigh Pressure Water Injection (Seaworthy Systems, Inc.)
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Role specification in HLPSL for the server Sj of our scheme role server(Ui,Sj:agent, SK1: symmetric_key, H:hash_func, Bilinear,Subtract,Add,Product,Mul:hash_func, Snd,Rcv: channel(dy)) played_by Sj def= local State : nat, IDi,PWi,Bi, Ri, Pi, PBi, A1i, A3i, G, D, Qd, CIDi, HPWi, B2, Ru, Rs, SK:text, NIDi, A2i, Ti, SIDj, B1, B3, T1, T3:message, Inc: hash_func const user_server,server_user,subs1,subs2,subs3, subs4,subs5,subs6,subs7:protocol_id init State:=0 transition 1.State=0[??]Rcv(start)=|> State':=1 [??]SIDj':=new()[??]D':=new()[??]G': =new() [??]Qd':=Product(D',G') [??]secret({D},subs5,{Sj}) 2.
hPWi) = CIDi h(h(x [direct sum] ID) [direct sum] y [direct sum] [p.sub.1]) instead of h(PWi ) = CIDi [direct sum] h(Ni [direct sum] y [direct sum] T)