HPWPHigh Performance Work Practices
HPWPHigh Plains Writing Project (National Writing Project; New Mexico)
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HPWP emphasize investment in human capital as a strategy for improving organizational performance.
Research on HPWP in the health care sector is also fairly limited.
In this model, the authors identified four "subsystems" of HPWP as critical for achieving positive worker- and organization-level outcomes: staff motivation, frontline empowerment, talent acquisition, and leadership support.
Therefore, our study concerning the utilization and impact of HPWP in the rural electric utility industry seems particularly germane.
One of the few factors that would differentiate the organizations within the electric power industry would be the amount of HPWP being enacted by each utility.
Pilot work indicated these respondents were familiar with the terminology and questions that were asked on the survey describing the HPWP in their respective organizations.
No one has consistently defined, or even uniformly named HPWPs (Baker, 1999; Becket & Gerhart, 1996; Delaney & Goddard, 1997; Wood, 1999).
Department of Labor, 1993) suggests, on average, that HPWPs are associated with increased productivity.
HPWPs are focused upon such objectives as enabling people to think for themselves and to manage their own work (Lawler, 1986; Pfeffer, 1994).
It seems clear a strong linkage between HPWPs and organizational performance exists.
In order to determine what types of HPWPs were being utilized, 178 questionnaires were sent to rural electric distribution cooperatives across the country.
The questionnaire was designed to determine what specific types of HPWPs were currently being used within individual rural electric distribution utilities.