HPWPHigh Performance Work Practices
HPWPHigh Plains Writing Project (National Writing Project; New Mexico)
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This empowerment approach that takes career perspectives into account could be incorporated into contemporary HPWP.
Using a career perspective to establish a comprehensive range of HPWP would not only benefit flight attendants' career management but also offer a sustainable competitive advantage in the airline industry.
Figure 1 shows the system's differential pressure response at the end of the loop versus the HPWP pumps speed.
Caption: FIGURE 1 Differential pressure reading for different speeds of the HPWP pump.
As pointed out earlier, HPWP which comprise various HR bundles of HR practices are important, because if employees are recruited without development or empowerment (as reported by some MiningCo interviewees) the outcomes are less likely to be effective (Wall and Wood 2005).
Despite methodological problems, research to date points to a positive relationship between HPWP and organisational outcomes, however, our understanding of the way in which HRM is linked to organisation performance is limited.
Indeed, using a categorical variable on overall effects, Delaney and Huselid (1996) showed in their analysis that HPWP had similar effects in for-profit versus non-profit firms.
Although the study was conducted in the U.S., a "control" system of HRM that could be equated with the typical system found in the CIS was compared with a "commitment" or HPWP system typically found in the West.
Some HPWP's are common, and maybe even universal, activities implemented by almost all organizations within this industry.
The human resource management literature has implicitly treated high performance work practices (HPWPs) and human resources management (HRM) effectiveness as substitutes for one another with respect to their relationship with firm performance.