HPWSHewlett Packard Workstation
HPWSHorizontal Pulse Width Set
HPWSHigh Performance Work Systems
HPWSHemophilia Patients Welfare Society (Pakistan)
HPWSHigh Pressure Water Separator
HPWSHigh Pressure Water Supply (construction)
HPWSHigh Pressure Water Scaling
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In this study we examined the individual factors that moderate the relationship between HPWS and employees' affective organizational commitment.
SOL is an international partner of HPWS, which provides sponsorship, scholarship and enterprise grant opportunities for people with bleeding disorders in developing countries.
Recent research has been conducted to investigate the use of HPWs for nonlinear applications.
First It has been determined how the major variables of an HPWS and firm performance should be operationalized, then a method for better development of theoretical frameworks has been suggested.
High Performance Working Systems (HPWS), project-based organization etc.), the implementation of new business models (e.g.
One of the most important of the approaches is the same high performance work system(HPWS) which it provides contexts for the organization flexibility via authorizing the human forces involved in the organization and also cause to increase the innovation and creativity that are basic frameworks of enhancing organization performance level.
Keywords High performance work systems (HPWS) * Institutional theory * Performance outcomes * Multinational enterprise (MNE) * Turkey
Applying the High performance work system (HPWS) method to optimally manage human resources in small organizations.
Deployment of systematic assemblages of best practices in SHRM, frequently dubbed high-performance work systems (HPWS; e.g., Nadler and Gerstein 1992; Lawler, Mohrman, and Ledford 1995), is widely believed to yield performance results that are superior to implementing such practices on a piecemeal basis (Huselid,1995; Combs et al., 2006, Delery, 1998).
En el modelo propuesto se ha considerado, tal y como se ha defendido en el epigrafe anterior, que los resultados alcanzados (BENEFICIOS) son consecuencia de un conjunto de factores que aparecen medidos a traves de practicas organizativas (HPWS), e indicadores propios del modelo de coordinacion relacional, respeto mutuo (MUTRES), objetivos compartidos (SHARGOAL), comunicacion frecuente (COM) y la comparticion de conocimiento (SKNOW).
The intervention process on dermatological health took place in two HPWs. Contents such as skin layers, their function, and individual protection equipment and possible dermatological changes related to dairy farms were discussed.