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HPXHydrogen Peroxide
HPXHigh Power Extreme
HPXHomestead Plant Exhibition (Miami, FL)
HPXHistoric Properties Exchange (newsletter; Connecticut)
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On October 23, 2017, Sama announced that it had entered into a binding term sheet in view of forming a strategic partnership with HPX TechCo Inc., a private mineral exploration company in which mining entrepreneur Robert Friedland is a significant stakeholder, in order to develop its Cote d'Ivoire Nickel-Copper and Cobalt project in Cote d'Ivoire, West-Africa.
Hilbert Paradox (HPX), a digital health data management platform, offers a unique way of capturing and correlating digital health data by employing computing power, AI and data analytics.
HPX offers a way of capturing and correlating digital health data by employing computing power, AI and data analytics.
Para a analise do perfil de acucares, utilizouse do cromatografo liquido (HPLC), marca Varian, modelo Pro-Star 410, com detector de indice de refracao e injetor automatico, sendo utilizada a coluna HPX 87P, marca Bio-RAD, fase estacionaria chumbo, 7,8mm, fase movel agua e temperatura da coluna de 80[degrees]C.
has the right of use of advanced geophysical exploration technologies owned by its parent company, HPX TechCo, capable of efficient geophysical exploration in regions where metallic ore deposits are buried so deep in the ground that they cannot be reached, and in regions that are difficult to explore with conventional technology.
Distribution of tumors by T category, ECOG score, and site Oral Tongue Unknown cavity base HPX Larynx primary Total THE group, n 24 7 2 6 3 42 TNM T category 1 or 2 17 6 1 3 -- 27 TNM T category 3 or 4 7 1 1 3 -- 12 ECOG score 0 or 1 24 6 2 5 3 40 ECOG score 2 or 3 0 1 0 1 0 2 OE group, n 2 9 1 16 26 54 TNM T category 1 or 2 0 5 0 9 -- 14 TNM T category 3 or 4 2 4 1 7 -- 14 ECOG score 0 or 1 2 8 1 12 25 48 ECOG score 2 or 3 0 1 0 4 1 6 Key: HPX = hypopharynx; THE = transnasal endoscopy; ECOG = Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group health status; OE = operative endoscopy.
Continental Disc (Liberty, MO) has announced the newest editions to its' HPX Product Family, the HPX-Ta Rupture Disc and the addition of Higher Pressures for the HPX Rupture Disc.
The Select Fields Program will cover the full line of Sweet Green Fields products, including Sweetesse Stevia 97, the recently launched proprietary high purity composition products Optesse HPX and Optesse HPX, and a new line of high value natural extracts.
pylori infection, DNA samples were subjected to a multiplex PCR reaction containing primers for the bacterial gene HpX [25] and for CYP1A1 (human housekeeping gene, which attests the integrity of the DNA).
"Materials can greatly affect the design of any device, primarily due to the different material properties of each resin family," said Tom O'Brien, market director for Pittsfield, Mass.-based SABIC Innovative Plastics, which produces high-performance polymers for medical device manufacturers." For example, using one of our Lexan HPX resin grades of polycarbonate enables longer flow lengths with minimal loss of impact.