HQCHealth Quality Council (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
HQCHannan Quinn Criterion
HQCHeadquarters Complex
HQCHolonomic Quantum Computation (physics)
HQCHighland Quality Construction, Ltd. (Scotland, UK)
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The VCC is located at the HQC gate closest to the Fort Belvoir gate on Kingman Road.
Intraday precision and accuracy were assessed at the lower, middle, high, and lower limit of quantification quality control samples LQC, MQC, HQC, and LLOQ in six replicates for both of the analytes, while interday precision and accuracy were assessed for three consecutive days by using quality control samples.
Table 1 Results of Unit Root Test Augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) Test Variables Level First Difference CMR -2.5 -7.2 *** CPI -0.98 -4.3 ** GDP -2.1 -3.2 * DROP -3.9 ** -9.15 *** NOPI -5.1 *** -8.23 *** Table 2 Lag Selection Criteria Lags HQC (Hannan-Quinn AIC (Akaike Criterion) Criterion) 1 -9.45 -9.66 2 -10.08 -10.42 3 -10.07 -10.53 4 -10.23 * -10.82 5 -10.14 -10.85 * 6 -9.97 -10.81 7 -9.76 -10.73 8 -9.63 -10.72 * Indicates the best (that is, minimised) values.
Comparando os criterios de informacao AIC, BIC e HQC, o modelo com 1 defasagem mostrou-se mais adequado, pois, apesar de apresentar o criterio AIC menos negativo, tem os criterios BIC e HQC consideravelmente mais negativos do que o modelo com 6 defasagens.
Recovery of cinitapride was evaluated by comparing the detector response of cinitapride in three quality control samples (LQC, MQC, and HQC) with the response of the same concentration in methanolic solutions.
At four different quality control levels (LLOQQC, LQC, MQC, and HQC, n=12) within day (intrabatch) and between day (interbatch, n=24) precision and accuracy of TMD, GBP was evaluated by calculating the %CV and %accuracy.
Wang Guobin, President of HQC, a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) made this offer during his recent visit to Board of Investment (BOI).
Para indicar o numero de defasagem mais adequado para o modelo, realizou-se selecao de defasagem pelos criterios de Akaike (AIC), Bayesiano de Schwarz (BIC) e Hannan-Quinn (HQC).
Table 1 VAR Lag Test: SMA Momentum Series Lags loglik p(LR) AIC BIC HQC 1 -503.140 16.690 * 18.533 * 17.419 * 2 465.737 0.01023 17.036 20.492 18.404 3 -417.450 0.00006 17.058 22.125 19.063 4 -372.824 0.00039 17.188 23.868 19.832 5 -318.066 0.00000 17.016 25.309 20.298 Table 2 VAR Equation Dependent Variable: SMA Momentum Series Coefficient Std.
Technip has announced that its joint venture with China HuanQiu Contracting & Engineering (HQC), has been awarded a Front End Engineering & Design contract for the Ar Ratawi Natural Gas Liquids train1 project at North Rumaila in Iraq's Basra Province.