HQDAHeadquarters, Department of the Army
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In order for the Army to truly institutionalize and operationalize foreign disclosure, HQDA and TRADOC must become allies and freely coordinate and share information in support of a unified effort.
4) ALARACT 063/20i4, "FRAGO 1 to HQDA EXORD 0i0-i3 ISO THE HQDA FYi3-i5 Active Component Manning Guidance (ACMG)," March 20i4.
HQDA G-4 and the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management are working together to use the installation status report to automate installation deployment readiness reporting.
Based upon these results and HQDA Objectives and Priorities for the relevant NIE, Decision Point two (DP2J selects the candidates to participate In the NIE.
Its constant work with HQDA, USAMPS, and USACE to encourage the testing of the latest PSE innovation pays off for the Army and, most important, the warfighter.
USASAC is assisting HQDA and the Major Army Commands (MACOMs) in the development of a defense agency-wide liaison officer program, based on the USASAC model.
The AMRB is conducted annually, or as required per HQDA discretion, via SharePoint, Defense Connect Online, or video-teleconference at the direction of the G37/TR (Training Readiness) Director of Training on behalf of the DCS G-3/5/7.
The Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Cost and Economics (DASA-CE) has published a comprehensive user guide for use in developing CBAs, has taught the CBA process to thousands of individuals throughout the Army, and supports implementation by evaluating CBAs submitted to HQDA for review.
After a unit is selected for evaluation, a team from HQDA visits the unit and conducts an indepth inspection of all maintenance-related activities conducted by the unit.
It was impossible to gather a consolidated Army-wide view of specific items because the Army did not have systems in place to gather data and provide NSLIN management information needed at the HQDA and Army Materiel Command (AMC) levels.
April 9, 2007--Army G-4 selects and announces winners via HQDA message
To address these issues, HQDA is pursuing sustainable approaches to