HQIHydro-Quebec International (Canada)
HQIHabitat Quality Index
HQIHousing Quality Indicator
HQIHealthcare Quality Improvement
HQIHydrargyrum Quartz Iodide (lighting)
HQIHalogen Quartz Iodide (lighting)
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A statement from HQI said: "This is the result of 10 months of work and collaboration of original investors in the project.
The binary index for hospital quality (HQI) was coded 0 if the summated variable was less than or equal to the sample median and 1 otherwise.
Hospitals in the HQI study have a clear incentive to focus on such measures.
Meanwhile the OIC of Wellawatta CI F.U.K Wootler has been transferred as the HQI Jaffna.
However, in its current iteration, the HQI pays for reporting rather than improvement, although future linking outcomes to financial rewards is expected.
Enersis has also sold its Canutillar generator in the southern city of Puerto Montt to Chile's Grupo Matte for US$174 million, as well as its power transmission assets in northern Chile to Canada's HQI Transelec for $110 million.
AFS will act as coordinator of the NGV pilot program with the support and assistance of Hydro Quebec International (HQI) of Montreal and Kraus Group Inc.
The order was placed by a joint venture between HQI Australia Limited Partnership and EMMLINK Pty Ltd, which will own and operate the link.
CMS HQI Demonstration Project: Composite Quality Scoring Methodology Overview [accessed March 13, 2011].
Internally the units exceed the minimum HQI standards with well designed and naturally lit spaces.
Light was provided by 10 HQI 400 W Osram mercury vapor lamps (Osram, France), delivering 290 [micro]mol [m.sup.-2] [s.sup.-1] of photosynthetically active radiation.