HQIPHospital Quality Improvement Project (Cincinnati, OH)
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NHS England has asked HQIP to commission a National Child Mortality Database (NCMD).
HQIP wishes to contract with an organisation to provide a national clinical audit of vascular interventions and vascular care undertaken in NHS funded acute care settings in England and Wales via data collected through a prospective registry.
Contract notice: HQIP NCA 2003 National Clinical Audit of Anxiety and Depression.
Contract notice: HQIP NCA 2005 National Clinical Audit of Cardiac Topics.
Contract notice: HQIP NCA 2002 National Clinical Audit of Psychosis.
Contract notice: HQIP HCA 2000 Perinatal Mortality Review Tool.
Contract award notice: HQIP NCA 170 National Maternity and Perinatal Clinical Audit.