HQSCHeadquarters Support Command
HQSCHigh Quality Strap Clip
HQSCHua Qiang Soccer Club
HQSCHeisenberg Quantum Spin Chain
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Find out what people know, build health literacy skills and knowledge, and check you were clear," the HQSC advises.
Clinical guidelines for preventing SSI in orthopaedic and cardiac surgery have been revised and developed and are available on the HQSC website.
NZNO has welcomed the release of the HQSC report and urges health managers to work with nurses to keep patients safe in care.
The CLAB programme is part of a national infection prevention and control project from HQSC.
funding surgical simulation training for operating theatre staff, developing a programme to reduce the number and severity of preventable birth injuries, establishing a programme to help reduce the prevalence of pressure injuries, extending HQSCs surgical site infection programme.