HQTHighly Qualified Teacher
HQTHeim Quantum Theory (physics)
HQTHydro-Quebec TransEnergie (electric utility; Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
HQTHatco Quick Thaw (food product)
HQTHigh Quality Technology Ltd. (UK)
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Besides, HQT has an integrated and improved sales and services network with a powerful support system all around the world.
The PAL expression level was highest among all of the enzymes, followed by HQT, CHI, 4CL, and CHS, and the expression levels of PAL2, PAL3, HQT, CHI were 25~175 times higher than the expression of 4CL, CHS, PAL1 in the WBS stage.
However, the clear priority on academic outcomes and providing all students, with and without disabilities, an HQT within both NCLB and IDEA suggests a need to evaluate equity and the provision of FAPE for students with disabilities in ways novel to the field (Huefner, 2008; Jameson & Huefner, 2006; Kaufman & Blewett, 2012).
Therefore, this study investigated the effect of HQT on the pharmacokinetics of VPA, a probe drug for MCT, in rats.
Although these studies include information that highlights our lack of understanding regarding the measurement of preparation quality, no study has specifically questioned these two most readily available measures of assessing our incoming teachers: HQT status and coursework completion.
Even the emphasis in NCLB appears to be that content knowledge is the gauge by which HQT status is determined (Porter-Magee, 2004), a perspective that tends to trivialize the value of methodology expertise in teaching the content area (Kaplan & Owings, 2003).
Department of Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, who said that the federal government will not take a hard line approach with states narrowly missing their goals, "if they are implementing the law and making a good-faith effort to reach the HQT goal in NCLB as soon as possible.
Department of Education, states that do not reach the 100-percent goal by the end of the 2005-06 school year but are making a "good-faith effort" to do so must develop a plan detailing the steps they will take to ensure that they meet the HQT goal by the end of the 2006-07 school year.
HQT has developed private network solutions with integrated hardware and software and provides product series covering DMR Tier-II series.
self-contained classrooms), but not when providing remedial instruction following initial instruction by a HQT in that content (e.