HR-LLHeavy Root - Light Leaf
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It should be noted that the general trend highlighted in the Figure for WS, RMS, normalized RMS, and HR following the order of impairment of TFA-LK, TFA-UK, and TTA subjects and HSs was not strictly respected by RMS-LL and especially not by HR-LL. This was mainly due to two subjects with TTA whose WS was >1 m/s (mean: 1.07 m/s vs 0.61 m/s in other TTA subjects) but whose mean HR-LL was lower than that of the other subjects (1.16 vs 1.67), despite higher HR-AP (3.51 vs 1.46) and SRI-LL (80.6% vs 62.1%).
Two cases of subjects with TTA walking fast with a high HR-AP, but with a low HR-LL, confirmed that the dependence of HR on WS was not strictly linear (like that of RMS).