HR-XMLHuman Resources eXtensible Markup Language
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To this end, international specifications for competence description, such as the IMS RDCEO (Reusable Definition of Competency or Educational Objective) (IMS RDCEO, 2002), the IEEE RCD (Reusable Competency Definitions) (IEEE RCD, 2004) and the HR-XML Competencies (Measurable Characteristics) (HR-XML, 2006), have been recently proposed.
The HR-XML Consortium is the only community-driven technical standards organization for Human Resources.
As nations rely more and more on wide-scale research to recognize and monitor employment trends, HR-XML's standards can help simplify much of the data collection and analysis through the use of standard XML vocabularies recognized throughout the world," said Romuald Restout, HR-XML President.
They are HR-XML Certified and recently launched AccurateNow, a background screening solution for small to midsize businesses.
The HR-XML Consortium has named Questionmark CEO Eric Shepherd to its 2010 Board of Directors.
The HR-XML Consortium has recertified testing and assessment software provider Questionmark as conforming to the Consortium's open data exchange standards.
CHICAGO -- The HR-XML Consortium is pleased to announce the unification of HR-XML Europe and the HR-XML Consortium, forming a global organization dedicated to creating standard XML vocabularies to facilitate data exchange across HR applications.
CHICAGO -- In 2009, the HR-XML Consortium has granted certification to 17 organizations for their HR technology solutions.
CHICAGO -- The HR-XML Consortium today announced the availability of its new XML standards, the HR-XML 3.
With Questionmark, the scope of his work is expected to include broader interoperability standards through organizations such as HR-XML and OASIS.
The HireRight Connect API uses Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and HR-XML to make it faster and easier to create new solutions.
Arbita partners with the HR-XML Consortium, the International Association for Human Resource Information Management, and the International Association of Employment Web Sites or IAEWS.