HR-XMLHuman Resources eXtensible Markup Language
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To this end, international specifications for competence description, such as the IMS RDCEO (Reusable Definition of Competency or Educational Objective) (IMS RDCEO, 2002), the IEEE RCD (Reusable Competency Definitions) (IEEE RCD, 2004) and the HR-XML Competencies (Measurable Characteristics) (HR-XML, 2006), have been recently proposed.
Mapping the elements of IMS RDCEO to those of the HR-XML specifications indicates that both specifications provide: (a) identification of the competence, (b) title of the competence, (c) description of the competence, (d) definition of the competence, (e) taxonomy of the competence, (f) personal information, while HR-XML adds elements for measurable evidence and measurable weights and importance levels (Sampson, Karampiperis & Fytros, 2007).
At this point, it should be noted that these issues cannot be considered as a list of flaws for HR-XML or IMS RDCEO, since these specifications clearly declare that these areas are outside of their scope.
Criminal research requests are supported by innovative technology, including an online client-accessible application, HR-XML compatibility, and dedicated customer service representatives.
In addition PeopleBank has also been awarded HR-XML Consortium certification, enabling integration with other technology platforms such as Oracle, SAP and Peoplesoft.
Representatives of the XBRL consortium attended the XML Interoperability Summit meeting in December with representatives from HR-XML, OASIS, Object Management Group (OMG), and UN/EDIFACT.
Baker's 20+ year career has included helping software startups reach critical mass in online recruitment and classified advertising including executive leadership roles with Adicio Inc., Advanced Recruiting Technology Inc.,, and also as a founding member of the Board of Directors of the HR-XML International Consortium.