HR1Heptad Repeat 1 (biochemistry)
HR1Hardness Ratio 1
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Under HR1, businesses retain the deductibility of their business related expenses.
At the time points just before laryngoscopy (HRL), 1 min (HR1), and 2 min (HR2), postintubation mean heart rate in Group B was lower than Group A.
He added that the council had a good track record in minimising the number of compulsory redundancies and they had previously managed to keep the total number of redundancies under the figure initially quoted in the HR1 notice.
(ii) HR1 is computed as the ratio of the number of correctly detected speech frames to the number of real speech frames.
Glenn Turp, regional director for the RCN Northern Region, said: "The trust has not withdrawn the HR1 notice which gives advance warning of potential redundancies and allows the trust, at the end of the 90-day consultation period, to dismiss and re-engage some or all staff currently on Agenda for Change (AfC) terms and conditions.
These programs are one way for individuals to meet the professional development needs of standard HR1.2, which requires five hours per year of professional development.
Frank's Luxury Biscuits Lesley Cornthwaite Unit 12a Holmer Trading Estate Hereford Herefordshire, HR1 1JS 01432 376729 Family-run bakery, still using one recipe that is four generations old.
The SR1 and HR1 concept vehicles influence the vehicle's styling.
Kingston and the Republican staff of the Ag Appropriations Subcommittee already have proposed a cut of $241 million in FDA's food safety efforts for fiscal 2011, a provision that is included in the spending bill (HR1) approved by the House in February.
(1994) tried to find out the function of Heptad Repeat regions (HR1 & HR2) of envelope of HIV and concluded that they have a critical role in the fusion of HIV membrane with human CD4 cells.
* The previously described tumor-based "proliferation-G3" signature (Hepatology 2007;45:42-52), which is marked by overexpression of genes controlling the cell cycle, predicted early recurrence (hazard ratio 1.94) and total recurrences (HR1.72).