HR3Homologous Region 3
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The rating assigned of HR3 (G) indicates that the issue or issuer offers a moderate level of security for the prompt payment of sovereign debt obligations in the short term.
To identify hormonal signaling pathways affected by TBT, we studied changes in mRNA abundance on genes related to ecdysone (EcRB, HR3, HR38, and Neverland), methyl farnesoate (Hb2, SCR, and MET), and retinoic acid receptor (RXR) signaling pathways (LeBlanc 2007).
The expression levels of ecdysone-related genes (ECR, USP, E75, BR, HR3, and NTF2) and JH-related genes (MET, JHEH, HSP90, and JHi [Liu et al.
John Tittley, editor, Borderlines Community Magazine, Hawkhurst, Hardwicke, Hay-on-Wye, Hereford HR3 5TA.
Car parking There is all-weather parking for 2,000 cars at the festival park and ride at Clyro Court (Baskerville Hall Hotel), HR3 5LE.
Port of Portland replaced Epicor for financials; Astea International for shipping, accounts payable and receivable; HR3 for payroll; and MEX for maintenance, projects and operations, with a single instance of NetSuite for financials, payroll, project management, asset management and shipping.
The molecular weight and PDI were measured using Waters 1525/2414 GPC (gel permeation chromatography) system consisting of a Waters 1525 binary high-performance liquid chromatography pump, a Waters 717 plus autosampler, three Waters Styragel columns (Styragel HR2, HR3, and HR4) and a Waters 2414 refractive-index detector.
Manhandling Ltd have been supplying Craemer HR3 pallets to the Isle of Man Creamery after news of the pallet's success in health and safety trials.
220 kV subsea and beach ca-ble from HR3 platform to substation BlENbjerg, 35 km.