HRACHerbicide Resistance Action Committee
HRACHuman Rights Action Center (Washington, DC)
HRACHuman Resources Advisory Committee
HRACHeating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Contractors of Canada
HRACHuman Resources Association of Calgary (Canada)
HRACHydrogen Research and Applications Center (University of Central Florida/Florida Solar Energy Center)
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(7) Department of Prosthodontics, Bauru School of Dentistry (FOB) and Hospital for Rehabilitation of Craniofacial Anomalies (HRAC), University of Sao Paulo (USP), Bauru, SP, Brazil
Study (ABS) found a prevalence of 19% of HRAC, in BS patients, which persisted through monitoring with 17% one year later and 13% two years later (p = 0.01).
(99) The black chairman of HRAC told council he was disappointed: "The impression the Africville people have of you is of a big white brother pushing the black children around, and they resent it.
Both herbicides Clomazone and Aclonifen inhibit the biosynthesis of carotenoids and are selective in nature (HRAC, 2013).
Sendo assim, foram identificados os seguintes servicos para a realizacao da pesquisa, alem do mencionado (CRACF), existente no municipio: Hospital Municipal Nossa Senhora do Loreto (RJ); Hospital Universitario Clementino Fraga Filho, da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (RJ); Centro de Tratamento de Anomalias Craniofaciais do Estado do Rio de Janeiro--Reviva, no municipio do Rio de Janeiro (RJ); Centro de Ortopedia Dento-Facial (COD), municipio do Rio de Janeiro (RJ); Hospital de Reabilitacao de Anomalias Craniofaciais (HRAC) em Bauru, da Universidade de Sao Paulo (SP).
Applications include electronic cabinet cooling, clean room modules, heat exchangers, air filtration, military HRAC, medical appliances, plastic extrusion and fume hoods.
Arguing in this fashion, Coblin is able with equal success to derive both Written Tibetan bdun and Written Burmese hnac from *tshjit '7', and simultaneously also brgyad and hrac from *priat '8', even though his "Written Burmese hnac '7'" is only his careless miscopying and misglossing of hnac '2': i.e., his "exercise" works as well with false data as with real words.
Zaroven vsak se spojeneckymi vojsky odejde i vnejsi hrac a nepritel, cimt vznikne i na afghanske vnitropoliticke mape ideologicka, vojenska i politicka mezera.
HRAC has been crowned top gun ten times in his illustrious career, but can you tell me when he last held the title?
Indeed, when Canon Can won the same race last year he was the 63rd Royal Ascot winner to have borne the initials "HRAC" on his blanket.
Politici ve Varsave i v Praze pristoupili na paralelni bilateralni rozhovory s Washingtonem (coz USA jasne zvyhodnovalo), (105) ktery jako silny hrac (spise nez rovnocenny partner) stanovil agendu, na niz potom Cesi a Polaci reagovali pasivnim prijetim.