HRACHerbicide Resistance Action Committee
HRACHuman Rights Action Center (Washington, DC)
HRACHuman Resources Advisory Committee
HRACHeating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Contractors of Canada
HRACHuman Resources Association of Calgary (Canada)
HRACHydrogen Research and Applications Center (University of Central Florida/Florida Solar Energy Center)
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The HRAC will drive reform in the state s health system and make sure it is operating as efficiently as possible.
UltraLink's HRAC services improve employees' access to, and satisfaction with, their benefits and HR programs, policies, forms and communications through UltraLink's unique call center support services and employee self-service website.
Apos identificacao e posicionamento, as seringas foram irradiadas e as imagens capturadas e gravadas em DVD por um tecnico da secao de radiologia do HRAC, sob supervisao do medico e fonoaudiologa responsaveis pelos exames de videofluoroscopia na instituicao.
The form of her second to Sariska at Epsom is much better than anything the locals have on offer, and I rate Midday a good thing to give HRAC his first winner at this prestigious meeting - so snap up the 7-2, as she should be a 7-4 shot.
Along with Peter Osgood and Sarah Greene - when she was a sexy brunette - from Blue Peter, HRAC was the best thing since The Stranglers.
Peter Chapple-Hyam, that's easy; William Haggas, more tricky; HRAC is for Henry; CEB is for Clive Brittain; and the Ds belong to Stuart Williams, I'm told.
Os prontuarios foram selecionados de forma aleatoria a partir de uma listagem fornecida pelo Centro de Processamento de Dados do HRAC.
Hracs BJ and Leslie D (2013) Aesthetic labour in creative industries: The case of independent musicians in Toronto, Canada.
One issue that seems relevant to the sector is the broader organization of space, something briefly raised by John Holmes with Austin Hracs in their chapter on the transportation equipment industry.
They all spoke of parks and what Banerjee (2001: 17) and Hracs and Massam (2008: 66-67) respectively call "third" and "incidental" spaces for civic engagement.
Hracs and Massam, in their broadly based paper, consider another issue that is topical in planning discussions.