HRACHerbicide Resistance Action Committee
HRACHuman Rights Action Center (Washington, DC)
HRACHuman Resources Advisory Committee
HRACHeating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Contractors of Canada
HRACHuman Resources Association of Calgary (Canada)
HRACHydrogen Research and Applications Center (University of Central Florida/Florida Solar Energy Center)
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UltraLink's HRAC services improve employees' access to, and satisfaction with, their benefits and HR programs, policies, forms and communications through UltraLink's unique call center support services and employee self-service website.
The HRAC services enable customers to outsource many different types of calls, based on their specific needs, and focus their efforts on more strategic functions.
The World of Herbicides According to HRAC Classification on Mode of Action 2010.
Mr Hallion and Mr Rowse will be joined on the HRAC by the current Chief Executive of the Department for Health and Ageing David Swan and former New South Wales and Queensland Health Director General Professor Mick Reid.
The HRAC will drive reform in the state s health system and make sure it is operating as efficiently as possible.
Founded in 1994 as a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3), organization, HRAC partners with leaders in the creative arts world to focus awareness on areas of critical importance in the struggle for human rights and lend a hand to some of the less-publicized cases of human rights abuse and neglect.
99) The black chairman of HRAC told council he was disappointed: "The impression the Africville people have of you is of a big white brother pushing the black children around, and they resent it.
Hracs and Massam, in their broadly based paper, consider another issue that is topical in planning discussions.
Dans un article qui a eu un grand impact, Hracs et Massam traitent un autre probleme d'actualite dans les discussions concernant l'urbanisme.
The RV Burgess Park event supported Wood and Gilbert's (2005: 685) arguments that "the negotiation of multiple cultural identities (between and amongst 'different' and dominant groups) occurs in public spaces and institutions" and that "[t]o be relevant, a multiculturalism policy needs to be grounded in concrete spaces that not only recommend ways of acting and being, but offer a place where people can engage in debates and discussions and where alternative possibilities for political action can emerge" Such are the spaces that Hracs and Massam (2008: 74) talk about regarding civic conversations as "locations for citizens to gather and feel secure and able to share views about the world, and their wants and needs .
One issue that seems relevant to the sector is the broader organization of space, something briefly raised by John Holmes with Austin Hracs in their chapter on the transportation equipment industry.