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In this dimension we highlight the Bolsa Familia Program (BFP) as the main guarantee policy for the FNS and the HRAF, as the program most accessed by the population of the territory.
La segunda, que los HRAF terminaron por contener una cuantiosa informacion sobre la diversidad cultural humana y a partir de los anos 90 empezaron a publicarse en un formato electronico, dando lugar a inesperadas aplicaciones (4).
Pero no es suficiente una base descriptiva de casos, como se creyo en el proyecto de Murdock de constitucion de los HRAF (Murdock, 1975), pues la existencia de descripciones, no implica que permitan construir una matriz comparativa relevante.
The later tradition of anthropology exemplified by HRAF, mentioned above, seems to have relied principally on comparative anatomy as its fallacious scientific model (cf.
1976 Alyawara Ethnographic Data Base, HRAF Publications, New Haven.
Lipsky, Ethiopia: Its people, its society, its culture, (HRAF Press, New Haven, 1962), p.
By using HRAF data, Adler determines that such communal access groups range from two to twenty households and retain access to productive resources critical to economic stability, or land tenure.
The cross-cultural ethnographic data base used to estimate conditional probabilities P(X=x [where] Y=y) is the HRAF 60 cultures Quality Control Sample (QCS; Levinson and Wagner, 1986).
(28.) Since the anthropological record in existing publications does not systematically include discussion of the fathering role and activities, additional evidence is available in the Yale University compilation, Human Relations Area Files (HRAF), under Numbers 854 and 855.
Anthropology's Human Relations Are Files (HRAF) and sociology's Chicago Community Fact Book (CCFB) are well-known examples of this type.
In this sense, the present article aims to contextualize and problematize the situation of food and nutritional insecurity that afflicts individuals with celiac disease, specifically with regard to the principle of the human right to adequate food (HRAF) from the perspective of Food and Nutrition Security (FNS).
No llegue a ir nunca alli, era solo un trabajo de verano para trabajar sobre las notas de campo que se habian tomado--se estaban recopilando a la manera del HRAF, en grandes archivos, por toda la gente que estaba trabajando alli y haciendo un estudio de las sequias, la muerte y el alcohol en las cinco culturas que estaban siendo estudiadas.