HRAFHuman Relations Area File
HRAFHeadrick, Rizik, Alvarez & Fernandez (law firm; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)
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La segunda, que los HRAF terminaron por contener una cuantiosa informacion sobre la diversidad cultural humana y a partir de los anos 90 empezaron a publicarse en un formato electronico, dando lugar a inesperadas aplicaciones (4).
As with other special dietary needs and considering the specifics of celiac disease, the HRAF principle brings other requirements as the characteristics that require the process of food production, availability, accessibility and consumption.
HRAF violations: dietary difficulties of celiac individuals
The FNS and HRAF of celiac individuals and the democratization of these conceptions
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In his survey of family violence in 90 small-scale and peasant societies (selected from the HRAF Probability Sample Files), Levinson found that in 13.
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The development is done incrementally with-HRAF Pilot 1 (completed) addressing the definition of the Core Architecture as well as the implementation and validation thereof through a long-range navigation demonstration case- HRAF Pilot 2 (kicked-off Feb 2017) adding further functionality to the overall architecture specifically the dynamic archive and applying dedicated VV to the SPARTAN navigation algorithm.