HRAGEHigh-Resolution Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
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Unconcentrated urine was then subjected to HRAGE and acid violet staining (Fig.
We compared the BJP concentrations obtained with HRAGE and acid violet staining, using on-gel human albumin calibrators with the BJP concentrations obtained with a comparison method, i.
Nonstandard abbreviations: BJP, Bence Jones protein; IFE, immunofixation electrophoresis; PBS, phosphate-buffered saline; HRAGE, high-resolution agarose gel electrophoresis; and AUC, area under the curve.
The sample that was found positive by HRAGE + IFE only consisted of a monoclonal free [kappa] chain, which could therefore not be detected with the IFPOD method in the conditions used.
Statistical analysis showed that for CDMS vs all others patient groups, the sensitivities (95% confidence interval) of the IFPOD and HRAGE + IFE methods were identical at 83% (51-97%).
As currently performed in the laboratory, IFE allows for the detection of isotypes other than IgG by use of anti-[kappa] and anti-[lambda] antisera in addition to the HRAGE.
Our goal was to compare the performance of a new technique, IFPOD, with that of HRAGE combined with IFE, which are the diagnostic techniques used jointly in our laboratory.
To avoid reviewer bias, IFPOD gels were analyzed at the end of the study, whereas HRAGE + IFE gels were analyzed as soon as possible after they were run to give the physician a result with the shortest delay.
All five contained identifiable peaks attributable to circulating light chains, despite a lack of visible bands on HRAGE in two cases.
The sensitivity of this algorithm for oligoclonality as a whole was low, 37% (16 of 43) compared with the subjective evaluation of HRAGE gels with an optimal discriminator value of 0.
In this study, we have compared the results of visual analysis of HRAGE gels with mathematical analysis of CZE curves to detect MCs.
These authors have generally noted the disappearance of some very small MCs on CE, as well as detection of small, typically IgA, MCs by CE that were hidden because of comigration with transferrin or C3 on HRAGE.