HRAMHuman Rights Assessment Mission (Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights)
HRAMHuman Resource Association of the Midlands (Omaha, NE)
HRAMHigh-Resolution Aeromagnetics
HRAMHawksworth Retail Asset Management (UK)
HRAMHoly Royal Arch Mason
HRAMHierarchical Random Access Memory
HRAMHardened Random Access Memory
HRAMHealth Risk Assessment Model
HRAMHis/Her Royal Apostolic Majesty
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During clone selection and process optimization, a large number of attributes may be monitored and since the relative quantification is achieved from a full scan MSI HRAM dataset, all the attributes are contained in the data and it is the building of the processing method that determines which are actually monitored.
"The power of the multi-award winning Orbitrap GC-MS technology has facilitated numerous scientific advances and enabled our customers to break new ground and gain a deeper understanding of samples through the use of HRAM technology," said Fausto Pigozzo, director of marketing, GC GC-MS, Thermo Fisher.
monuste monuste registrados durante los tres meses de observacion y bajo las condiciones del presente trabajo, podemos inferir, a partir de la ecuacion de regresion lineal y su dominio en el caso del medio NAT, que una TAM y HRAM maxima en las horas de la manana de 23[grados]C y 72%, respectivamente, permiten alcanzar una sobrevivencia de las pupas por encima del 90%.
The new Thermo Scientific Q Exactive GC hybrid quadrupole- Orbitrap GC-MS/MS instrument represents the first-ever commercial system offering a combination of gas chromatography and HRAM Orbitrap mass spectrometry.
Les sondes, interroges dans 14 pays dont la population est a dominance musulmane, ont declare que leurs craintes sont expliquees par les violentes attaques a repetition de groupes radicaux tels qu'Al-Qaeda , Hezbollah et Boko Hram.
Mass spectrometry has emerged as a powerful tool for determining the structures of glycans, and this column is designed to enable researchers to harness the power of high-resolution accurate-mass (HRAM) mass spectrometry at high throughput rates.
Marfurt, "Investigation of links between precambrian basement structure and paleozoic strata in the Fort Worth basin, Texas, U.S.A., using high-resolution aeromagnetic (HRAM) data and seismic attributes," Geophysics, vol.
St Michael's Church, also known in Belgrade as a temple (hram), was built between 1837 and 1840 on the site where a previous church had existed.
K Letnym olympijskym hram v Londyne v roku 2012 bolo vypracovanych niekolko ex ante studii hodnotenia vplyvov na mesto napr.
High Resolution Accurate Mass (HRAM) data with error tolerance between 1-20 ppm can also be analyzed, improving the accuracy of prediction.
Presently War Saheb and a senior Saheb have arrived in Bhutan and they are at Hram, and I am accompanying them during their journey.
The new system with high resolution and accurate mass (HRAM) provides new screening and quantitative capabilities.