HRAMHuman Rights Assessment Mission (Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights)
HRAMHuman Resource Association of the Midlands (Omaha, NE)
HRAMHigh-Resolution Aeromagnetics
HRAMHawksworth Retail Asset Management (UK)
HRAMHoly Royal Arch Mason
HRAMHierarchical Random Access Memory
HRAMHardened Random Access Memory
HRAMHealth Risk Assessment Model
HRAMHis/Her Royal Apostolic Majesty
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The Orbitrap HRAM Metabolomics Library for electron ionization (EI), includes more than 800 metabolites and the spectra is refined and curated with the elemental composition of each EI fragment verified.
The Q Exactive GC system brings together qualitative and quantitative analyses by combining the high-precision, full scan HRAM capability of Orbitrap technology with the quantitative power of GC triple quadrupole technology.
In conclusion, we have identified a fairly common variant of IGF-1, A70T-IGF1, of unknown clinical significance in our clinical LC-MS HRAM assay, which cannot be distinguished from wild-type by the current market-leading immunoassay.
1) Nonstandard abbreviations: IGF-1, insulin-like growth factor 1; GH, growth hormone; HRAM, high-resolution accurate mass measurement; wtlGF1, wild-type IGF-1; SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism.
A 'spec' database of over 600,000 line km of HRAM data in western Canada has been compiled by Spectra Exploration Geoscience since 1994.
We encourage the HCNM and the ODIHR to use all assets at their disposal and closely monitor the situation, in particular the implementation of the recommendations contained in the 2015 HRAM Report on Crimea.
Taking full advantage of the HRAM capabilities of the industry-leading Thermo Scientific Orbitrap mass spectrometry and BIOCRATES metabolic phenotyping technologies, the solution enables multiplexed, quantitative and standardized metabolome analysis at a substantial level of depth.
The new AbsoluteIDQ p400 HR Kit extends the highly regarded BIOCRATES metabolomics kit portfolio to take advantage of the multiplexed and quantitative power of Thermo Fishers Q Exactive HRAM technology, said Dr.
The processing and interpretation of FTG and HRAM data is ongoing and the Company is very happy with the results to date as they have allowed better definition of prospective basin areas where exploration activities will be focused to identify wildcat drilling locations.
HRAM data results are of high quality and offer valuable insight into the structural and geological setting.