HRANHispanic Radio Amateur Network
HRANHealth Response Alert Network (Philadelphia Department of Public Health)
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References in periodicals archive ? Becher Chase 1.45 Aintree Key trends Aged eight plus, 9/10 Won a Class 1 or 2 chase, 8/10 Ran at least 13 times over fences, 7/10 (three exceptions trained by Paul Nicholls) Won over at least 3m, 7/10 Ran off a handicap mark between 121 and 138, 7/10 (three exceptions were topweighted winners at 144+) Carried no more than 10st 12lb, 7/10 hRan in the past month, 7/10 (one winner, five placed, one pulled up) Ran over National fences, 6/10 (four exceptions came in last five years) Single-figure SP, 6/10 In first four last time, 6/10 Other factors Two winners raced from up to 6lb out of the handicap.
[NP.sub.DAT] [MtGl (Ru): 067300 (20.34)] Se haelend & hran egum heora lit.
The final statements seem to present a sort of difficult, esoteric teaching, the wisdom apparently close at hand, and yet available only to those who are ready to learn it, to solve this riddle: Naefre hio heofonum hran, ne to helle mot, ac hio sceal wideferh wuldorcyninges larum lifgan.
If anyone is buried there at all, it is the last survivor himself, who unblioe hwe(arf) / daeges ond nihtes, oo oaet deaoes wylm / hran aet heortan (ll.
If anyone is buried there at all, it is the last survivor himself, who unblide hwe(arf) / daeges ond nihtes, od daet deades wylm / hran aet heortan (ll.