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HRBH&R Block, Inc.
HRBHarbin, China (Airport Code)
HRBHuman Resources Branch (Canada)
HRBHandelsregister Abteilung B (German: Commercial Division B; Germany)
HRBHenry Russell Bruce (advertising agency; Iowa)
HRBHot-Rolled Band (metal product)
HRBHumanities Research Board (UK)
HRBHuman Rights Bureau (Montana DOL&I)
HRBHaiti International Airline (ICAO code)
HRBHeat Recovery Boiler
HRBRockwell Hardness B Scale (also seen as Hardness Rockwell B)
HRBHardstyle Republic Brisbane (band)
HRBHeuristic Register Bound
HRBHuman Rights Bibliography
HRBHighways Research Board (UK)
HRBHaller, Raymond, and Brown
HRBHigh Risk Borrower
HRBHuman Resources Boosters
HRBHigh-Readiness Brigade (UN)
HRBHousing Revenue Bond (various organizations)
HRBHigh Rise Building
HRBHigh-Risk Behaviour (AIDS awareness)
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To create HRB, brewers need only the kit, water, brown sugar, common kitchen items, 90 minutes of active time -- for set up, mixing and bottling -- and three weeks of leave-it-alone brewing time.
Historians of science and technology will find McLucas's discussion of HRB refreshing, especially given that much of the post-World War II history of the electronics industry in the United States has focused overwhelmingly on either the big East Coast electronics firms (e.
The HRB has invested $40million to support research across the Irish healthcare sector by developing health research infrastructure, supporting young scientists, developing careers and encouraging productive partnerships between health agencies, charities and universities.
Adding HRB to Rutherfoord enables us to offer greater resources and a broader platform to serve the needs of construction clients throughout the mid-Atlantic," said Thomas R.
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We were impressed with the HRB Communications team, their understanding of our products and services and experience in the healthcare and turnaround management industries," said Tina Vidal, Pacer Health Corporation's chief operating officer of its non-medical division.
We were impressed with the HRB Communications team, their understanding of our products and services and experience in consumer-based industries," said Danny Sullivan, owner and chief fabricator of Playtoys.
We are pleased to announce the appointment of HRB Communications to assist Mia Belle Baby with the introduction of our Royal Dreams Collection featuring the exclusive patent-pending Slumber Totes among other products," said Lina Griner, CEO and co-creative spear behind Mia Belle Baby.
Another potential scenario is that HRB decides to shut-down the origination platform at OOMC, sell the servicing portfolio to Cerberus at fair market value, less $300 million, and dispose of balance sheet assets, such as residual interests and beneficial interests in trusts, and warehouse loans, at its own discretion.
HRB has managed to command the support of its 10-week and 20-week trendlines for the past few weeks.
Designed for employers of 100-1,000 employees, HRB provides the mid-sized employer with HRIS services, including Benefit Administration, Recruiting, Annual Review and General Ledger Interface, customarily available with expensive systems that require extensive roll out and maintenance.