HRBCHigh-Risk Breast Cancer (oncology)
HRBCHuman Red Blood Cell
HRBCHuman Resources Business Center (US Army)
HRBCHarford Reptile Breeding Center (Bel Air, MD)
HRBCHomologous Red Blood Cell (hematology)
HRBCHardened Red Blood Cells
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Verdoorn extract at lower concentration (20 g/mL) was found more protective to HRBC membrane as compared to their higher concentrations (40-320 g/mL).
05) their folklore potential as anti- hemolytic however; seven percent were active to stabilize HRBC having p0.
Absorbance of hemoglobin release due to hemolysis of HRBC by various hemolytic agents.
Effect of application incubated mixture of different anti-dote (plant extracts / antiserum) and Naja naja karachiensis venom on isolated HRBC (human red blood corpuscles) membrane stabilization.
As a result HRBC membranes destroyed and change the environment of target protein(s) therefore resulted in agonistic antagonistic effects and additionally posed interference in binding with physiologic ligands.
In contrast to snake venom phospholipases hyposaline induced hemolysis by stress in HRBC membranes.