HRBPHuman Resource Business Partners
HRBPHuman Retinol-Binding Protein
HRBPHeart Rate-Blood Pressure
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The HRBP and HRMP focus on globally relevant HR concepts that are common across geographic locations, Power explained further.
Successful participants are now in the inaugural group to hold the HRBP or HRMP designations.
The Learning Partner is a performance consultant that helps the HRBP identify the nature and degree of needs and brings appropriate solutions to learning problems.
Gone, too, is the friction and duplication of effort with the HRBP organization.
For the most part, the L&D community came to understand and embrace the change, but more work remains with the HRBP organization, and well as with the clients themselves.
The HRBP and HRMP focus on globally relevant HR concepts that are common across geographic locations and offer a way for HR professionals who have mastered their country's HR practices and regulations to prove their skills in both the strategic and technical aspects of the profession.
The HRBP validates professional-level core HR knowledge and skills and demonstrates mastery of generally accepted technical and operational HR principles.
We are very excited to broaden our comprehensive portfolio by offering the new HRBP and HRMP credentials," said Mary Power, CAE, CMP, executive director of the Institute.
The Institute plans to open registration in October 2012 for its first round of HRBP and HRMP exams, which will take place in March 2013.
Raleigh, chairman of the HRBP board, "particularly in his ability to commercialize products successfully.
Based on HRBP's proven large-scale algae production technology, HRBP and Royal Dutch Shell plc formed an industry-leading joint venture company, Cellana, located in Hawaii, to construct a pilot facility to demonstrate the algae production technology and its commercial viability.