HRBSHigh-Resolution Rutherford Backscattering
HRBSHIV Risk Behavior Scale
HRBSHR Business Solution
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T-test was used to compare various continuous variables such as BDI, ASRS and HRBS scores between those with and without substance use.
Substance No T P value Use Substance value Use Depression (BDI) 29.87 26.32 1.80 0.08 Risky Sexual Behaviour (HRBS) 18.65 12.55 3.21 0.001 ** ASRS (ADHD) 25.08 18.66 5.32 0.001 ** Note
Two attics in the R-19 (3.35 [m.sup.2,]K/W) insulation pool had HRBs installed and both were located in Zone 4.
In the horizontal radiant barrier (HRB) configuration, the radiant barrier is installed on top of the attic floor insulation.
The HRBS consists of five subscales: psychosocial--10 items (such as approaches to problem solving, communication skills, and relationships with peers or family), nutrition--11 items (such as having breakfast regularly, number of meals consume per day, and consumption of vegetables, fruits, or meats), physical activity--4 items (such as walking, cycling, and taking part in team sports), hygiene--5 items (such as bathing, washing hands, and brushing teeth), and substance abuse--5 items (such as smoking, episodic drinking, and addictive drug use).
HIV risk behaviour scale (HRBS)M was used to screen for high-risk sexual behaviour.
HRBS will enhance Mercer's portfolio in the areas of remuneration strategy, pay structure design, short- and long-term incentive design and performance management.
The composite of the personal system and the environmental system, together with the degree of cognitive appraisal, the degree of activation, and efforts at adaptation in turn impact health status and HRB (Moos 1979).