HRCLHanford (Site) Radioactivity Control Loop
HRCLHampton Roads Challenge League (Virginia)
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Billah attempted to establish an investigation under the HRCL for the case of the Ahmadiyah.
The 2000 HRCL gives Komnas HAM a crucial role in addressing gross violations of human rights.
In 2006, the AGD refused to follow up Komnas HAM's investigation into the 1997/1998 disappearances of activists until Parliament had approved the establishment of an ad hoc courts, (86) an argument that had no basis in the HRCL. In 2002 the AGD did not followup on Komnas HAM's investigations into the Trisakti, Semanggi 1, and Semanggi 11 cases, (87) arguing that the documents submitted by the commission were incomplete.
The root of this problem is that the commission's right to summons is provided for in the 1999 HRL but not in the 2000 HRCL. This has led (former) armed forces personnel, most prominently the former chief of staff Wiranto, to argue that they have no legal obligation to comply with Komnas HAM's summons in investigations carried out under the HRCL.