HRCSHoly Rosary Catholic School (various locations)
HRCSHealth Research Classification System (UK Clinical Research Collaboration)
HRCSHuman Resource Competency Study (Michigan Ross School of Business)
HRCSHuman Resource Consulting Services (Aurora, CO)
HRCSHudson River Community Sailing (Hudson River Park; New York, NY)
HRCSHealth Research Capacity Strengthening (est. 2004; various locations)
HRCSHuman Resources and Corporate Services (various businesses)
HRCSHigh-Resolution Camera System
HRCSHuman Resources Community Secretariat (est. 1998; Canada)
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Then, as [gamma] [right arrow] [infinity], the outage probability of the HRCS is given by
5, where the HRCS obtains lower outage probability floor than the DT, POWRT and PTWRT.
e] equals the outage probability under the assumption of the capacity-achieving codes applied in per packet, we find that the diversity gain with such a definition would always be zero for the HRCS.
23), we can obtain the corresponding f-DMT expression for the HRCS.
p]; (c) [alpha] = [beta]; (d) [delta] = 1/2; the f-DMT of the HRCS is given by
8 where the lines with the legend HRCS are given by Eq.
In order to show the performance gains, the performance of the HRCS is also compared with that of the DT, POWRT and PTWRT.
1 which means the relay channels have the same channel gains with the direct links, the HRCS always has lower outage probability than the other three transmission schemes across the whole SNR region.
Moreover, no matter which case of the sensing results is considered, the HRCS always outperforms the other three transmission schemes in terms of the outage probability.
6 that the HRCS outperforms the other three schemes in terms of the outage probability floor over the wide [[lambda].
total], the optimal [alpha] corresponding to the lowest outage probability exists for the POWRT, PTWRT, and HRCS.
2]=1 bit/s/Hz), the HRCS achieves better outage performance than the POWRT and PTWRT.