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HRCTHigh Resolution Computed Tomography
HRCTHigh-Resolution Chest Tomography (medical imaging)
HRCTHistoric Rally Car Technical (UK)
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Imaging modality of choice for pre-operative cochlear imaging: HRCT vs.
All 40 patients were subjected to pulmonary function tests followed by HRCT scan.
39%) patients, out of which, 72 (true positive) had ILD and 8 (false positive) had no ILD on HRCT.
The following HRCT descriptive findings were used to classify ILDs:
Connective tissue disease-associated ILD may also present with a pattern of NSIP on HRCT (Figure 2, B).
HRCT is helpful in differentiating PLCH from other cystic lung diseases.
A chest X-ray and HRCT of chest can establish or rule out this syndrome.
In the later stages HRCT shows traction bronchiectasis and fibrotic changes [5, 12, 15].
In symptomatic patients with normal or less distinct findings on chest radiography, HRCT can playkeyrole in the delineation of parenchymal abnormalities.
Routine special investigations should include HRCT (to estimate heterogeneity, integrity of fissures and degree of tissue destruction, and evaluate for possible underlying lung cancer), full pulmonary function testing, arterial blood gas measurement and echocardiography (to exclude pulmonary hypertension).
In another case report of FB, peribronchial nodules with prominent centrilobular nodular distribution were also observed on thoracic HRCT in a 5-year old female patient (12).