HRDCHuman Resources Development Council (Montana)
HRDCHarvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club
HRDCHuman Resource Development Conference
HRDCHuman Resources and Development Canada
HRDCHuman Resources Development Center
HRDCHybrid-Ring Directional Coupler
HRDCHollister Ranch Design Committee
HRDCHandheld Remote Controlled Device
HRDCHiroshima Research & Development Center (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries; Japan)
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The historic A35 road car was built to the required HRDC Regulations in 2016 for the famous businessman.
He said the launch reinforced BIUST's commitment to high standards and norms, adding that BIUST and HRDC had worked closely in the development of the norms and standards.
The idea for the class came about after problems with performance report writing came up during HRDC meetings.
The HRDC also announced the launching of the Banking Leadership project as part of its commitment to build a generation with extensive skills and capabilities.
The second phase includes the difficulties in drafting the discussion paper and how HRDC and SCHRD prepared for consultations.
Details of the audit that prompted HRDC to pull the funding plug on METSI were first leaked to a Saskatoon newspaper.
2 million, a tiny percentage of the $7 billion that HRDC awarded to 240,000 individuals, groups, and businesses over the three years.
Despite the change at the headquarters level, the current HRDC program at the AFRC wing level remains unchanged.
Good observes that the latter comment infuriated finance and administration staff in HRDC and throughout the government.
Recent announcements in the mining sector validate HRDC observations.
The Profiles and Transitions of Groups at Risk of Social Exclusion: Lone Parents, which was authored by Costa Kapsalis and Pierre Tourigny for HRDC and was based on data from the 1993 to 1998 longitudinal panel of the Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics, focussed on lone mothers because they comprise 93 per cent of low income single parents.