HRDDHuman Resource Development Department (various organizations)
HRDDHuman Resources Development Division
HRDDHuman Resource and Doctrine Development (Philippines)
HRDDHigh Rate Data Delivery (US NASA)
HRDDHigh Rate Digital Demodulator (US NASA)
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This history of violence in KwaZulu-Natal and its present day effects featured significantly in the narratives of all seven educators in the study's sample, and have thus been identified by these educators as a significant frame for viewing the HRDD project.
A further significant feature identified by educators in the HRDD project was that of growing up and living in a strong patriarchy.
Cosmos' story, a story which was not untypical of the educators who participated in the study, demonstrates how his early life experiences and his context frames his HRDD practice and how he makes meaning of his practice.
Cosmos said that the HRDD work brings "small money" and some recognition in the community.
This is a tension between the text and context of the HRDD curriculum.
The history of violence and current political power struggles make it difficult for educators to forge relationships which facilitate their HRDD work.
Cosmos' story highlights the importance of focussing not just on education practice and its reifications such as the "official HRDD curriculum" but also on the actors in the practice.
The majority of learners in the HRDD project were women who experienced multiple forms of discrimination and oppression.
The human rights, democracy and development focus in the HRDD project foregrounded the rights of women.
More importantly, while the learner is the focus in Taylor's review when arguing for the need for further development of the theory, the findings of the study of the HRDD project draw attention to the educator and how in-depth understanding of the educator's emotions, stressful life events and readiness for change may influence the transformative learning process.
This conclusion heightens the contribution which the case study of the HRDD project offers to the literature on transformative learning theory.