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'I still don't know the cost or the process of the labor card extension,' Sai Pieng, who works with HRDF, told SHAN.
'HRDF has agreed to fund the first 500 private sector employees attending parenting skills this year with the cost at RM62,500,' she said in her keynote address at a parenting forum in Universiti Putra Malaysia here.
Saudi women aged between 18 and 65 can apply to the program through the National Labor Gateway (Taqat) managed by the HRDF, to receive partially subsidized Wusool rides on Uber.
Saudi-women between the ages of 18 and 65 can apply to the program through Taqat - the National Labor gateway managed by the HRDF, based on the eligibility criteria to receive partially subsidised "Wusool" rides on the Uber application in the Kingdom.
Saudi women between the ages of 18 and 65 can apply to the programme through Taqat - the national labour gateway managed by the HRDF -- based on the eligibility criteria to receive partially subsidised Wusool rides on the Uber application in the kingdom.
The institute's key supporters are its founders, in addition to HRDF. 'We have a unique set up as we are the only institute which has more than one strategic supporting founder.
HRDF approved program support controls by directing 70 per cent of support for employment and 30 per cent for training support, the period of financial support for the employee's salary extends for 36 months, at a rate of 30 per cent of the monthly salary for the first year of support, 20 per cent for the second year, and 10 per cent for the third year, an additional percentage of support will be added when the establishment employs females or persons with disabilities, employs in small towns and villages, and if the size of the establishment is 50 workers or less.
Shaza Kifah was launched by Majid Bin Mousa Al Onezy, Dean of Madina College of Tourism with Adil Abulaah Shafee, the general manager of HRDF and Brahim Robbio, general manager of Shaza Al Madina.
One is RDF proposed by Keskin [4] which uses a pair of pixels as feature vector and the other is the proposed HRDF which utilizes the Haar-like feature.
He commended HRDF for being a vital partner of the Sindh Government in the endeavour to provide free-of-cost housing facility for the poor.
Mirza stipulated that if these job seekers are to be hired, the relevant entities should help pay their salaries for six months, to allow the private sector enterprises time to evaluate their performance, before signing a work contract with them.Mirza said the Makkah Employment Forum, which is scheduled to be held next year with the cooperation of HRDF , plans to provide and search for job opportunities for Saudis.
The Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) of Saudi Arabia has meanwhile announced special incentives for companies that hire Saudis, including salary subsidies and job training, said an official of the HRDF.