HRDLHigh Rate Data Link
HRDLHigh-Resolution Doppler Lidar
HRDLHypothetical Reference Digital Link (ITU-T)
HRDLHalf-Rail Differential Logic
HRDLHudson River Day Line Railroad
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The location of the BAO 300-m tower (BAO Tower); the lidar supersite (Lidar SS); the Visitor Center (VC), location of NOAA Dalek 2, the radar wind profiler/RASS systems, the NOAA and University of Colorado Boulder (CU) microwave radiometers, and several radiosonde launches; the Water Tank (WT), location of the NOAA HRDL, the UMBC lidar and radiometer, and some radiosonde launches; Erie High School (EHS), location of the NOAA Dalek I; and UTD, the location of the UTD 200S lidar, and the locations of the two TTU Ka-band Doppler radars (TTU 01, TTU 02).
The red outline shows the coverage of the PPI scan done by HRDL [from the Water Tank (WT)] to envelope the LCB volume.
Instrument Location Latitude HRDL (NOAA) Water Tank 40.