HRDLHigh Rate Data Link
HRDLHigh-Resolution Doppler Lidar
HRDLHypothetical Reference Digital Link (ITU-T)
HRDLHalf-Rail Differential Logic
HRDLHudson River Day Line Railroad
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The two intensive study and numerical simulation periods were chosen based on HRDL data, which are available except during rainy or foggy conditions.
HRDL is a scanning, coherent, pulsed Doppler lidar designed, built, and operated by NOAA/ESRL for atmospheric boundary layer research (Grund et al.
The HRDL scan sequences consisted of azimuth (conical) scans at three elevation angles (Fig.
Many of the NEAQS-04 measurements were assimilated into the experimental model runs, but the HRDL measurements were withheld, so they constitute an independent verification dataset.
In this section, we validate wind forecasts from the models against HRDL measurements.
HRDL wind data, also averaged vertically over the layer from 20 to 200 m MSL, were used to verify model forecasts (averaged over the same layer) out to 12-h lead time.
Newsom, Sara Tucker, Scott Sandberg, and Ann Weickmann for their long hours collecting HRDL data on the ship during the NEAQS 2004 campaign and Lisa Darby for her careful review of this manuscript.
Sampling of HRDL vs model profiles for four consecutive hours on 11 Aug 2004.