HRDPHuman Resource Development Plan
HRDPHard Pan (lithological term)
HRDPHypothetical Reference Digital Path (ITU-T)
HRDPHuman Rights and Democratisation Programme (Denmark)
HRDPHot-Rolled Dual-Phase
HRDPHealth Resource Development Program
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An adaptive desktop delivery scheme for DaaS was proposed in [17] which is an improvement on the HRDP by selecting encoding adaptively.
Alternatively, maximal intermittent field tests, like Carminattis's Test (TCar), have been proposed for the identification of HRDP.
In addition, they showed in elite rowers that the Conconi test based on the measurement of HRDP tended to be the most adequate way of estimating AT for training regulation purposes [3].
Some authors suggest that the identification of the HRDP are conditioned to individual morphological and functional characteristics [8,18].
The variable HRDP has been defined and measured in terms of: planning (PL), selection (SL), recruitment (RC), performance evaluation (PE), training and development (TD), career management (CM), rewards (RW) i.
For instance, there is the Conconi method (Conconi, 1982) for identifying the HRDP which may accurately reflect the lactate threshold in some athletes.
Total bacterial count (TBC) remained highest in bulls fed HRDP diet compared to those fed C, MRDP and VHRDP diets at all time periods (Table 4).
The HRDP can be identified by a visual inspection of a heart rate (HR) vs.
It means that [beta] reflects the trends of change in OC (Organisation Culture) with changes in HRDP (HRD practices) and [?
Cet essai, bien que centree sur les Orphelins de Duplessis, met en lumiere la tache tres complexe de s'occuper de patients psychiatriques, lourdement handicapes tels ceux hospitalises a HRDP, tout en prenant en consideration la situation difficile que vivent leurs parents, neanmoins satisfaits des soins prodigues a leurs enfants : << Tout [sic] les commentaires recueillis aupres des membres des familles ont ete fort elogieux a l'endroit de l'etablissement.
Carminatti (6) showed that the HRDP during the TCar test, identified by the Dmax-Kara method, is similar to the maximum lactate steady-state (MLSS).
Despite the controversy in some studies by describing a linear relationship between heart rate (HR) and intensity in progressive exercise (10), and by reporting that it overestimates the values of the lactate threshold (22), HRDP can be used as part of the aerobic assessment (2).