HRDPHuman Resource Development Plan
HRDPHard Pan (lithological term)
HRDPHypothetical Reference Digital Path (ITU-T)
HRDPHuman Rights and Democratisation Programme (Denmark)
HRDPHot-Rolled Dual-Phase
HRDPHealth Resource Development Program
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An adaptive desktop delivery scheme for DaaS was proposed in [17] which is an improvement on the HRDP by selecting encoding adaptively.
The study proposes a comparative outlook on HRDP System specific to US Marine Corps, and the US Navy system equivalent--Manpower, Personnel and Training System, based on the same processes, as shown below:
In addition, they showed in elite rowers that the Conconi test based on the measurement of HRDP tended to be the most adequate way of estimating AT for training regulation purposes [3].
This method allows for identifying the breakpoint in the HR curve, the so called heart rate deflection point (HRDP), which was shown to be strongly related to the second PTT (r = .99).
ME = [alpha] + [beta] HRDP + [gamma]OC + [[member of].sub.t].
During graded exercise testing there is frequently a divergence from the linear heart rate-workload relationship, called the heart rate deflection point (HRDP) (Bodner and Rhodes, 2000; Brooke and Hamley, 1972).
The medium (MRDP), high (HRDP) and very high (VHRDP) ruminally degradable protein diets had 66, 82 and 100% RDP, respectively.
Some authors have demonstrated that the heart rate deflection point (HRDP) is found in similar intensities to the lactate threshold during a progressive test.
It means that [beta] reflects the trends of change in OC (Organisation Culture) with changes in HRDP (HRD practices) and [??] reflected the trends of change in OC with changes in HRDP.