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To ensure adequate content validity the WMTMS was developed from a 60-item test version (HRDQ, 2005).
"People with a Considerate team member style are thoughtful, warm, generous, and flexible" (HRDQ, 2005, p.
Accuracy, objectivity, persistence and efficiency are the rules by which Systematic people live" (HRDQ, 2005, p.
Because they love the creative process, Spirited team members are always looking for new ideas or new approaches to common problems" (HRDQ, 2005, p.
A role is a constellation of behaviours that serve a specific function and a team role "refers to a set of behaviours that help a team function effectively" (HRDQ, 2005, p.
HRDQ understands that your training schedule may vary according to the participants' skill level as well as the availability of time.
Another helpful tool is the complimentary assessment instrument available from HRDQ, which is not included in the cost of this package.