HRDWGHuman Resources Development Working Group (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation; Singapore)
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The project, InMside (Inclusive Mathematics for Sustainability in a Digital Economy: the name of project) aims to develop curriculum developers capacity on mathematics, statistics and coding in relation to these issues under the Action Plan (HRDWG, 2017).
The 6th AEMM will be co-chaired by Peru, as host, and Russia and organized in coordination with the HRDWG and its networks (Education Network (EDNET), Labor and Social Protection Network (LSPN), and Capacity Building Network (CBN)).
A report on the qualifications frameworks in APEC economies was undertaken for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Human Resources Development Working Group (HRDWG) Education Network Subgroup (EDNET) (Burke et al., 2009).
This priority is supported by APEC economies in the HRDWG 2015 Strategic Plan and Work Plan.
the developing economies, by identifying the path towards quality growth through education reforms, supporting HRDWG vision to promote the well-being of all people and achieve sustainable and inclusive economic growth in the region.
In addition, in line with Leaders continuous call for cross-fora and PPP collaboration, EPWG, HRDWG, PPWE, ABAC, AHSGIE, top O2O commerce platforms, leading MNCs (e.g.
The scope of the project is consistent with the HRDWG objectives and the priority of Developing Human Capital of the 2016 APEC Agenda, regarding the development of STEM careers to address occupational and employment needs of innovative business and industries.