HREMHigh Resolution Electron Microscopy
HREMHomeland Response and Emergency Management (academic program)
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From an HREM image (Figure 1(c)), multiwalled CNTs are observed with an outer diameter of 20 nm approximately, with a range from 50 to 55 graphene layers.
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Dapra introduced its new APET and XPET CNC pressed inserts and its square shoulder HREM (Helical Roughing End Mills) cutters.
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The samples were dispersed in isopropanol, and a few droplets of the suspension were transferred onto a holey carbon grid for TEM and HREM observation and analysis.
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This observation mode is called high-resolution electron microscopy (HREM).
The HREM image (Figure 3(f)) reveals that the nanofibers have a "herringbone" structure that consists of graphite sheet oriented at a specific angle to the fiber axis with an interlayer space of 0.34 nm.
Figure 5(a) is an HREM image of IF nanoparticles incorporated in the nanocomposite coating.