HREOCHuman Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (Australia)
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HREOC (1997) also outlined many incidents of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse of Aboriginal children within institutional care as a result of the Stolen Generations, and demonstrated overwhelming evidence of inappropriate care of children, including neglect, inadequate medical treatment, and racism by delegated "caregivers" (Atkinson 2005).
22) This lag coincided with the term of the conservative government of Prime Minister John Howard (1996-2007), which steadfastly refused to apologize to Indigenous Australians, as recommended by the HREOC in its final report.
HREOC (Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission) 1998 Article 18: Freedom of Religion and Belief in Australia, Sydney, Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission.
In 1995, somewhat belatedly, HREOC issued a report in response to the questions raised some years earlier by Pitjantjatjara Council and NPY (Race Discrimination Commissioner, 1995).
There was a weakness in the potential to increase hours through averaging with no requirement to pay additional penalty rates and the risk to increasing total hours because of an absence of a definition of 'reasonable additional hours' under S91C (UCA, 2005: 17; HREOC, 2005: 7).
This argument is in accord with the HREOC report (2000), which recommended that education bodies 'provide targeted funds to rural and remote schools for professional development to reflect the real costs of travel, accommodation, and teacher and other staff replacement.
HREOC Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick, ACTU President Sharan Burrow and Australian Industry Group (AIG) CEO Heather Ridout demonstrated their commitment to the cause by issuing an unprecedented combined press release and co-authoring an article in the national media last month.
This was the searching inquiry, commissioned in 1995 by the Labor federal government, and administered by HREOC, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.
59) Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, A Time to Value: Proposal for a National Paid Maternity Leave Scheme, Sydney, HREOC, 2002, pp.
He did so largely with impunity (we are yet to know the outcome of the HREOC investigation) because of the public authority that the likes of Barnett accrue through their affective ties to the higher echelons of decision making in this country, and the shameless cronyism that decides their appointments.
Low fertility figured strongly among the many imperatives canvassed by the HREOC investigation.