HRESHarvard Real Estate Services (Harvard University)
HRESHouse Resolution (style of a measure pertaining only to the House of Representatives)
HRESHudson River Environmental Society (Altamont, NY)
HRESHigh-Resolution Endoluminal Sonography (medical imaging)
HRESHayman Residential Engineering Services Inc. (Rapid City, SD)
HRESHighland Rim Experiment Station (University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture; Springfield, TN)
HRESHuman Resources Employment Solutions
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An interannual variability of both the number of HREs (Figure 2(a)) and the total amount of rainfall due to HREs (Figure 2(b)) show a direct relationship, where the high number of HREs coincides with an enhanced total amount of rainfall during the MAM season.
Temporal Distribution of MK Trend Test for HREs. The sequential MK trend test applied in this study graphically illustrates the forward, u (F), and backward, u (B), trends of heavy rainfall over the few selected stations out of 16 synoptic stations under studies (Figure 3).
Prone Areas Suspicious to HREs. Figures 4(a), 5(a), and 5(b)) display the spatial patterns of the first three EOF analysis of the mean HREs during the MAM season for 16 synoptic stations from 1980 to 2010.
The importance of having integral HREs for high-affinity HIF-1 binding was here investigated for the corresponding HREs in the promoter and coding sequence of HLA-G gene.
We focused on the three reported HREs finding HLA-G nucleotide variants in these HIF-1 specific binding sites only in -966 and +281 HREs.
Giving the strong impact in HIF-1 binding and therefore on HLA-G transcriptional activity exerted by wt exon 2, in particular when associated with the 5UTR-964G allele, we suggest that characterization of HLA-G regions in -966 and +281 HREs should be considered.
Twenty microliter of HRES was mixed with 200 [micro]L BCA working reagent thoroughly.
Five hundred micro liter of HRES was mixed with 1.2 mL of 0.2mM DPPH in ethanol.
heteroclitus that resemble hypoxia response elements (HRE) describe d for mammalian genes [7-10].
Hypoxia leads to the accumulation of HIF- 1 [alpha], dimerization with HIF- 1/3, and binding of the dimer to specific nucleotide sequences (hypoxia response elements, HRE) of target genes.