HRESHarvard Real Estate Services (Harvard University)
HRESHouse Resolution (style of a measure pertaining only to the House of Representatives)
HRESHudson River Environmental Society (Altamont, NY)
HRESHigh-Resolution Endoluminal Sonography (medical imaging)
HRESHayman Residential Engineering Services Inc. (Rapid City, SD)
HRESHighland Rim Experiment Station (University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture; Springfield, TN)
HRESHuman Resources Employment Solutions
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The results showed that amino acid nitrogen content in soy sauce supplemented with different amount of HRES (0.
Effect of HRES amount on peptide content and DPPH scavenging activity of SSSEAP
Peptide content of SSSEAP was increased considerably with the increasing amounts of HRES (Fig.
HRES itself contains a large amount of peptide which could contribute to the higher peptide content in SSSEAP (13).
Light taste of soy sauce with the increased amount of HRES may be due to the reason that the HRES was converted into a number of bitter peptides during the soy sauce fermentation period because enzymatic hydrolysis frequently results in bitter taste (30).
Higher amount of amino acid nitrogen content in the HRES added soy sauce may be because of Maillard reaction (31).
Pre-, mid-, and late- fermentation period refer as the addition of HRES on first, tenth, and eighteenth day of soy sauce fermentation.