HRETHealth Research and Educational Trust (New Jersey)
HRETHouse of Representatives Electoral Tribunal (Philippines)
HRETHigh Reach Extendible Turret (Rosenbauer Firefighting Vehicles)
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As to the part where Marcos called for the annulment of the results of the elections in the provinces of Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao and Basilan, Robredo asked the PET to immediately discard this cause of action based on the recent decision of the high court in the case of Abayon vs HRET last May 3 where it was held that in order to annul the results of an election, it must be shown that 'the illegality of the ballots must affect more than 50 percent of the votes cast on the specific precinct or precincts sought to be annulled, or in case of the entire municipality, more than 50 percent of its total precincts and the votes cast therein.
Available on the Oshkosh Striker vehicle's full range of 4x4,6x6 and 8x8 models, the Snozzle HRET features 50-or65-ft (15.
A national advisory panel will be established to guide AHA, HRET, and ISMP in this 15-month endeavor.
Murillo also said the HRET should nullify the certificate of candidacy filed by Pichay for 'materially misrepresenting that he is eligible to run even if the July 4, 2011, decision of the OMB (Office of the Ombudsman) disqualifies him from holding any public office.
He further noted that the constitutional provision citing that the HRET is the sole judge in dealing with electoral protests hurled against lawmakers would factor in their decision.
The Johns Hopkins Quality & Safety Research Group and the Michigan Health & Hospital Association Keystone Center for Patient Safety & Quality are partners with HRET on this large-scale project.
Given the reach of the HRET and the ability to project a proportion of its water, foam or powder a greater distance, vehicles can be positioned further back and out of the way of escape chutes.
He explained that Reyes' proclamation on May 18 and her subsequent taking of the oath on June 5 "entitled her at least to be considered a member and let the case be decided by the HRET.
HRET, in partnership with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Johns Hopkins University and the Keystone Center, already is leading On the CUSP: Stop BSI, a successful effort to curb bloodstream infections.
HRET junked Baterina's petition which was taken to the SC.