HRFSHuman Rights First Society (Saudi Arabia)
HRFSHighly Reliable File System
HRFSHuman Resources and Family Sciences (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
HRFSHighland Rim Forestry Station
HRFSHigh-Resolution Fluorescence Spectroscopy
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For more than 30 years, JFD has played a key role in advancing hyperbaric rescue capabilities through designing and manufacturing the most capable land-based system in the world, as well as proven portable Hyperbaric Rescue Facilities (HRF) assets.
Human Response Facility (HRF) can be included in category of permanent warehouses.
EEG feature to be fused is defined as [Y.sub._EEG] (convolved trails x ERP time points), which are obtained by convolving the ERP values at different time points with a standard HRF. On the other hand, fMRI feature to be fused is defined as [Y.sub._fMRI] (scans xAAL ROIs), which are obtained by calculating mean values in anatomical automatic labeling (AAL) cerebral regions under the constraints of fMRI masks.
Islamabad -- The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is constructing a Humanitarian Response Facility (HRF) in the Gilgit Baltistan (GB) with the support of government of Canada.
where [h.sub.G](x) is the baseline hrf. The multiplying quantity [1 + A - 2[lambda]G(x; [xi])]/[1 - [lambda]G(x; [xi])] is a kind of correction factor for the baseline hrf.
(17) Together, these findings emphasize the importance of establishing a better understanding of the relationship between the retinoblastoma clinicopathologic features and tumor recurrence or metastasis, and the clinical significance of NVI as one of the factors associated with high-risk (tumor) features (HRF) and metastasis.
Our findings indicated that results obtained with the sporadic RF [which can be called a historical RF (hRF) after a use of >6 months without change] were comparable with the CR for voriconazole, further supporting and expanding the results of Olson et al.
In coordination with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the plan calls for the Guard to develop 10 new units known as homeland response forces (HRF).
"HRFS was appalled and astonished by his illegal arrest," the group said in the statement, calling for his and his relatives release.
HRFs include the presence of an invasive device, history of MRSA infection or colonization, dialysis, hospitalization, residence in a long-term care facility, and surgery.
Although the disease did not appear in Western medicine until the 1950s, historical evidence indicates that outbreaks of HRFS occurred for at least hundreds of years in Asia.[5] Outbreaks of the disease also have been reported in Canada, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Norway and northern Europe.[6] Butler et al[1] and Marshall[6] reported the emergence of the hantaviral disease beginning in 1951, when American troops stationed in Korea were stricken by an unexplained and unfamiliar disease.