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The optimization corridor was chosen because (1) Cornhusker Hwy is a major arterial in Lincoln, an alternative route to I-80 between Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska, and the traffic volume, especially truck traffic, is high; (2) there are approximately 50 to 70 trains per day passing on the BNSF railroad line and through the HRGCs, and the train volume is increasing [27, 34]; (3) the Adams Street HRGC has been rated as one of the most hazardous HRGCs in Lincoln by the FRAs Web Accident Prediction System (WBAPS) [34]; and (4) this corridor serves as the UNL HRGC test bed system and is instrumented with train detectors [34].
HRGC (Human Resource Governance Committee) received applications from multiple candidates including the brother-in-law of Mr.
Organic pollutants PCDD/F and PCB were determined using HRGC with MD detector and PAH using LC.
Analysis of individual components in the acid fraction, including resin acids, is then possible using high-resolution GC (HRGC).
RVSI has waived any claims for damages, according to General Scanning...Konik-Tech introduced its Konik 4000 A HRGC System, a precision GC which includes a high performance oven and a microprocessor controller...Bomem Inc.
[23] applied an ordered probit model, association rules, and classification and regression tree (CART) algorithms to the US Federal Railroad Administration's (FRA) HRGC accident database for the period 2007-2013 to identify VRU injury severity factors at HRGCs.
The concentrations of all 209 PCB congeners were determined by high-resolution gas chromatography (HRGC) on an SPB Octyl column coupled to a high-resolution mass spectrometer (HRMS).
High resolution GC (HRGC), or low resolution MS (LRMS) such as ion-trap and triple-quadrupole MS, along with cell based bioassay (EPA method 4425) can reach such low LOD and be used for screening dioxins.
A gas chromatograph Carlo Erba HRGC 4160 was coupled via an open, split interface to a Finnigan MAT 4500 mass spectrometer.
Cochran, and S., Bowadt, Complete PCB Congener Distributions for 17 Aroclor Mixtures Determined by 3 HRGC Systems Optimized for Comprehensive, Quantitative, Congener-Specific Analysis J.