HRGEHigh Road Golf Expeditions (Scotland)
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We compared the RRHGE algorithm based on gene signature with RRHGE-H (i.e., gene signatures extracted from the six training sets by considering only hub-genes), RRHGE-HI (i.e., by considering only hub-genes with their interactions in each of the six training sets), RRHGE-TSN (i.e., by considering only top subnetwork in each of the six training sets), and also with five other previously existing algorithms, these are: the 70-gene signature (Mammaprint) [11], the 76-gene signature [12], the Genomic Grade Index (GGI) [8], the Interactome-Transcriptome Integration (ITI) [7], and the Hub-based Reliable Gene Expression (HRGE) [19].
On the Desmedt dataset, RRHGE gave better MCC as compared to RRHGE-H which gave 0.53, RRHGE-HI which gave 0.54, RRHGE-TSN which gave 0.80, HRGE which gave 0.51, ITI which gave 0.27, GGI which gave 0.12, 76 g which gave -0.02, and 70 g which gave -0.14.
In the testing sets of Desmedt and van de Vijver, the HRGE, ITI, GGI, 70 g, and 76 g MCC patterns varied significantly.