HRGSHistorical Research Group of Sittingbourne (Sittingbourne, England, UK)
HRGSHigh-Resolution Gamma-Ray Spectrometry
HRGSHydroxyl Radical Generation Systems (chemistry)
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There is a pressing need for HIV prevention plan that should emphasize on raising awareness and promote use of preventive measures to limit HIV/AIDS and syphilis infections in HRGs especially among the HSWs and FSWs.
In India, the prevalence of HIV varies widely among HRGs including IDUs and ranges from 3% to 70% in different regions as found in one systematic review of various studies.
Cases of subgroups 1–5 were usually regarded serious patients with a high risk of MDR-TB and generally defined as MDR-TB high-risk-group (HRG), while cases of subgroup 6 were regarded as MDR-TB low-risk-group (LRG) in the study.
APSACs provide a list of sectors at risk which are the areas vulnerable to HRG's (High-Risk Groups).
There has been a dip in the number of Targeted Intervention ( TI) ( 31 in 2012 to 22 in 2014) and accordingly, the coverage of HRGs has slid from 16,464 in 2013 to 6,144 in 2014.
Patient categorisation is according to a system of Healthcare Resource Groups (HRGs) (similar to DRGs), with separate tariffs for elective and non elective care.
To see this, suppose waiting times for the 80th percentile were reduced by 10 per cent for all HRGs comparing 2003/4 with 2002/3.
All treatment must fit into one of an existing set of 60 clinical codes, called Human Resource Groups (HRGs), which cover everything from catheter insertion to brain surge ry.
Toxicity was evaluated using three methods: amphipod (Echaustorius estuarius) survival, the P450 human reporter gene system (HRGS) test, and inhibition of phytoplankton (Gonyaulax polyedra) bioluminescence (QwikSed).