HRHXHeat Recovery Heat Exchanger
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As indicated previously, two different design layout options were considered: (1) design option 1, where both the CHP and heat pump were located at the DHN energy center; and (2) design option 2, where the CHP was located at the DHN energy center, and the heat pump at the LU (HRHX) site.
Details of the model and assumptions used include: (i) both the tunnel and outside air temperatures were varied within the model using weekly averaged measured temperature values for the LU site; (ii) a fixed quantity of heat was assumed to be recovered from the HRHX, throughout the year, whether operating in extract or supply mode.
Key Design Parameters Parameter Value HRHX air on temperature 17 to 28[degrees]C (63 to 82[degrees]F) Typical water temperature flowing into HRHX 15[degrees]C (59[degrees]F) Typical water temperature flowing out of HRHX 20[degrees]C (68[degrees]F) Cooling capacity (of HRHX) 900 kW (3.07 MBTU/h) Delivery temperature to DHN 70[degrees]C (158[degrees]F) DHN return temperature 40[degrees]C (104[degrees]F)