HRICHuman Rights in China (est. 1989)
HRICHuman Resource Investment Council (various states)
HRICHealth Research Innovation Centre (University of Calgary; Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
HRICHuman Rights Institute of Canada (Institut Canadien des Droits Humains)
HRICHamilton Regional Indian Centre (est. 1972; Canada)
HRICHungarian Research Institute of Canada (University of Toronto; history and social sciences)
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"HRIC is deeply concerned about the safety of Li's sister and brother-in-law and urges that the authorities immediately restore their personal freedom and ensure the right of Li's family to retain legal representation of their own choosing," the group said in a statement.
Three months prior to the 1989 massacre of student protesters in Beijing's Tiananmen Square, a group of Chinese students and scholars formed Human Rights in China (HRIC) to publicize the Chinese government's denial of basic human rights.
''The police officers allegedly admitted to him that they would be fired if they did not hold Li in the run-up to the anniversary,'' the HRIC statement said.
In 2000, Ecos first reported on the activities of the Herbert Resource Information Centre (HRIC) in Queensland--an Ingham-based partnership between the Hinchinbrook Shire Council, CSR Ltd, The Herbert Cane Protection and Productivity Board, canegrowers, the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and CSIRO.
(22) At the book editors' insistence, my chapter included profiles of three other transnational associations, including Human Rights in China (HRIC).
A good example is the New York--based organization, Human Rights in China (HRIC), which is able to pressure the Chinese government to improve its human rights record by engaging with other INGOs, the media, other governments, and intergovernmental bodies, such as UN human rights organizations.
(14.) Human Rights in China (HRIC on the web at, "Caught Between Tradition and the State," 1995.
Human Rights in China (HRIC), as Sydney Jones admits, until very recently shared office space in the Fifth Avenue office of Human Rights Watch (HRW).
"The switch to a new modern editorial system will provide a primarily higher level of the website's security, and the modernisation will offer the possibility to fully use the website on all devices," head of the digitalisation and development of systems in ZSSK, Milan Hric, said for TASR.These steps should speed up the flow of information for customers, decrease the rate of flaws and bring fresh, updated information on train delays, intuitive control of the site, localisation services, etc.
aACoeThe business and organizational psychology arm of HRIC focuses on helping an organization define their company culture and what constitutes it,aACA[yen] said Dr.
(155) Human Rights in China (HRIC), "China's UN Human Rights Review: New Process, Old Politics, Weak Implementation Prospects," February 9, 2009.