HRIDAYHealth Related Information Dissemination Amongst Youth (India)
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The La Tomatina Event was captured by HRIDAY through a Facebook event page promoting the event
The Event showed serious violations under COTPA and India's alcohol laws, HRIDAY actively engaged rightful and timely advocacy with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Delhi Dept.
HRIDAY also reported an abuse with Facebook on violation of Facebook's Advertising Guidelines, according to which, promotion of and reference to tobacco products is disallowed on the platform
Gaurang Nazar, Manager - Research, HRIDAY and one of the co-authors on this study, "This is the first systematic study in India to show an association between tobacco use depiction in Bollywood films and tobacco use among adolescents, as a well-established content analysis method has been adopted in this research.
Recently, HRIDAY sent a Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) kit and tips to quit tobacco to popular screen star Shahrukh Khan following his claim to attempt quitting, publicly.
On other side, Narendra Singh Tomar has been brought to expedite the implementation of several dream projects of Prime Minister Modi such as Smart Cities, AMRUT, HRIDAY and Swachh Bharat Mission as the new Urban Development (UD) Minister.