HRIHSHealth Research Involving Human Subjects (Canada)
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procedural and ultimately ethical complexity of HRIHS. We have
emphasize the importance of continuous learning in the HRIHS enterprise;
far from clear that the real world of HRIHS is accurately represented as
should be viewed as an idealized picture of the HRIHS lifecycle, not a
ethical complexity and richness of HRIHS. One of the things that the
HRIHS lifecycle makes clear is that ethics review comprises but one of
the twelve elements involved in the conduct of HRIHS. The other eleven
importance of improving QA and QI throughout the HRIHS lifecycle via,
In sum, HRIHS is comprised of at least twelve distinct elements,
governance of HRIHS) involves addressing the unique ethical challenges
upshot is a very broad conception of HRIHS and of research ethics.
the ethical issues arising across the HRIHS lifecycle.