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HRIRHigh-Resolution Infrared Radiometer
HRIRHead Related Impulse Response (3D audio)
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Briefly, the method by which the cover picture was made is as follows: The Nimbus HRIR analog data is received at the Data Acquisition Stations (Rosman, N.C., or Fairbanks, Alaska) and transmitted to Goddard Space Flight Center where it is digitized and processed by computer to form the Nimbus Meteorological Radiation Tape (NMRT).
The color analysis, which took 30 min to process at ATSOCC, contains approximately 3 to 5 HRIR scan spots averaged at each 1/8 degree latitude-longitude intersection.
(25) Ed Royce, HRIR Committee (107th Congress, First Session, 12 July 2001, Serial No.
Equation (15) was derived for both right and left stimulations by using the correspondent HRIRs (see (2) that yields [[lambda].sub.R](t, d) and [[lambda].sub.L](t, [theta]), the right and left auditory nerve instantaneous rates, respectively.