HRISHuman Resource Information System
HRISHunter Region Independent Schools (Australia)
HRISHuman Resource Information Services
HRISHouston Realtors Information Service, Inc. (Houston, TX)
HRISHigh-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
HRISHighway Research Information Service
HRISHigh Resolution Infrared Sounder
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The HRIS, which was already successfully piloted in two of South Sudan's former 10 states, will reportedly provide comprehensive and reliable data on the entire education sector workforce, supporting the payment of teachers' incentives, providing evidence of the worth of investment and forming a platform for teacher development.
Formerly an HRIS development analyst with Bemis Company, Swanson maintained internal and external file transfers from the digital human resource network.
Target: SaaS HRIS and time and labour management system
As a web-based service, it does not disrupt existing platforms or HRIS. The API - available in both Mashape and GitHub allows for enhanced flexibility to build applications and take skills data from the Skills Library and Profiling engine.
Hendrickson (2003) defined Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) as "integrated systems used to gather, store and analyze information regarding an organization's human resources" (p.381).
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Organizations try to increase their effectiveness by relying on their Human Resource Information System (HRIS) (Troshani, Jerram, and Gerrard, 2010).
Because of my status as a company employee, I had access to mainframe HRIS personnel data that I could connect with my confidential list of EAP user names.
It merits mentioning here that Assistance to Governance Reforms and Practices in Balochistan AGRP-B/UNDP has developed Human Resource Information System (HRIS) for employees appointed through Agaz-e-Huqooq Balochistan Package.
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