HRLPHuman Resource Leadership Program
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Saliva samples were collected four times at rest (baseline), before the HRLP (T1), after the HRLP (T2) and 1 hour after the HRLP (T3).
First, the average SCCL of the horses before the HRLP was increased compared to the baseline (p<0.001), and second, it was decreased after the lesson rather than before (Table 1), and finally, the average SCCL of the T3 were returned to below baseline levels.
However, their stress level rather decreased after the HRLP. A similar result was reported by Strzelec et al.
(2013) was confirmed 20 minutes after the end of the event competition, while the peak cortisol concentration in the present study was confirmed before the HRLP. Even though competition is not the main research subject, the cortisol increase before the start of the HRLP appeared in both horses and riders.
In this study, the SCCL after the HRLP fell by approximately 36 percent compared to that before the HRLP.